Kitchen cabinet painters Wiltshire: We were contacted by a client based in Swindon, Wiltshire who had a vinyl wrapped kitchen and wanted to change the colour of the to match in with the new decor.

Preparing kitchen units

The doors and kick boards were removed and taken to the workshop. The first stage was to degrease and wash down all of the doors; this is a very important stage in the preparation process. We then used a very fine abrasion paper to apply a key to the substrate.

Painting kitchen units

The first coat applied was an adhesion primer. This gives a strong bond to the substrate allowing our painting system to be applied. We again use a fine abrasion paper to flatten down and key the primer.

The client wanted a satin finish. Helmi 30 gives a 30% sheen level.

On site work

With all of the doors completed at the workshop, it was time to complete the on site work. Applying protection to all work areas in the kitchen allows us to work freely while keeping dust to a minimum. Kitchen cabinet painters Wiltshire

After refitting, the final stage is to clean all areas. Leaving the client with a clean fresh, new looking kitchen.

Kitchen cabinet painters Wiltshire
Kitchen cabinet painters Wiltshire
Kitchen cabinet painters Wiltshire
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