Kitchen cabinet painters Wokingham Berkshire: We were contacted by client living in Wokingham Berkshire looking to transform their wooden kitchen. Having consulted the client we put together different ideas and colour palettes which would give the desired look the client wanted to achieve.

After producing some samples to confirm the colour choice, it was time to start the transformation. The first day we start by numbering all the doors. Other parts of the kitchen are also numbered as they are removed.

Having numbered and removed all the parts it was back to the workshop. The first stage of the process is to remove any grease and dirt that has build up over the years however it is important not to get the doors to wet that they take on too much moisture. The doors are placed in the drying room ready for any making good or two pack filling. The next stage is to sand and clean off this will give the perfect key foe our painting system.

Painting a wooden kitchen

Priming is one of the most important processes in any painting process therefore there are a few things to consider when choosing the right primer to use, the first being the substrate as some timbers need to be sealed to stop any tanning bleeding through. Shellac based primers not only stop any tanning but give great adhesion to the substrate. Normal adhesion primers can be used if the lacquer on the doors hasn’t been rubbed back to the timber as the lacquer should stop any tanning. Kitchen cabinet painters Wokingham Berkshire

Once the primer has fully dried any fine surface filling can take place and once rubbed back and cleaned gives the perfect surface for painting.

Sheen level of paint

One thing to take into consideration when painting a wooden kitchen with grain is how much of the grain would you like to highlight which is a personal choice for the client. Using a higher sheen level will highlight the grain more than using a matt sheen level.

For this project the client had chosen a 30% sheen level which would highlight the grain. After apply the final topcoats the doors were complete.

Onsite work

With all the doors completed at the workshop it was time to complete the frames onsite. As with all our projects the first stage onsite is to protect all the areas we are working. This type of protection allows us to work dust free throughout the project. Kitchen cabinet painters Wokingham Berkshire

The frames go through all the same processes the doors went through.

Kitchen cabinet painters Berkshire
Kitchen cabinet painters Berkshire
Kitchen cabinet painters Berkshire

You can see from the final images the transformation looks stunning.

The Kevin Mapstone Difference.

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