Hand Painted Furniture

 Furniture may require painting, repainting, personalised decorative touches or bespoke finishes to achieve a unique appearance. Hand painted furniture does not need to be boring to serve its purpose as a functional piece. Hand painting furniture isn’t only about changing the colour of existing pieces but can also create something truly unique for your home and we often work on period pieces that require a more delicate touch. We are able to refurbish or completely transform a piece of furniture including: Furniture Repainting – Painted furniture loses its lustre with heavy use. We repaint or refinish pieces to bring them back to their original beauty. Refurbish Wooden Furniture – Whether the piece in question has been poorly painted or if it is tired orange pine, waxed, clear lacquered or you would simply like to add embellishments, we can work with you to create the appearance you desire. Painting New Bespoke Furniture – Hand painting is a good way to customise wooden furniture, whether it is painted a solid colour or transformed with a paint effect.

The Kevin Mapstone Difference

You may be able to find kitchen painters anywhere in Berkshire or London, so why should you consider us? We have decades of experience and will help you with the difficult decisions including paint colours and decorative choices. Our aim is to transform the appearance of your kitchen based on your vision and our skill.

Dustless Extraction

We use a state of the art professional dust extraction system which means that dust is collected as it is created.

Paint & VOC

We only work with materials of the highest quality and that are totally suitable for the work we do. We are diligent regarding regulations or restrictions imposed by government or professional bodies.


Quotations are free and carry no obligation. The following procedures will ensure you receive an accurate quotation in a timely manner, with all the information you need to make an informed decision.